Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Review of DishTV satBox S7070r

Brought this the other day and just sharing some thoughts:

  • It uses Freeviews Mheg-5 EPG (and adds new Freeview channels automatically)
  • I love the recording - it can record a channel then you can watch another channel on the same mux (so record a TVNZ channel and watch the others), also you can start recording then start "chasing" the recording.
  • You select programs to record from the EPG
  • HDMI (only 576i output tho, but hey its only SD anyway)
  • You must get the lastest firmware to get rid of some bugs (you must get v1.20 from the suppliers website below)
  • USB is on the back ( a pain to plug/unplug device) but handy to keep it away from kids
Rating FIVE out of FIVE (with the current firmware) - its a great DVB-S device, nice and simple and the recording features are awesome as it should be!
Check out the suppliers website


  1. Looks like somebody has lifted your review here and posted it as their own on MightyApe:

    1. Oh well - its a great device - interesting that someone used it tho lol

      Thanks for that